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Wholesale, Bulk, and Reselling Domains

Are you a web host? Do you have complex domain needs? Do you register lots of domains and want a better price? WebNameSource can help. We are a wholesale reseller for an industry leading ICANN registrar through our sister company nameman. We've checked the competition. Our registrar offers the best prices, the best tools, the best service. They are on the way to becoming the #1 registrar in the world, and WebNameSource and nameman are pleased to be partnering with them.

Many registrars offer reseller accounts directly to anyone, but unless you pay an entry fee up front, the $11.50 price level WebNameSource offers is far better than a retail account with any of the large registrars. For instance, if you want more detail on how eNom accounts normally work, their pricing should you go to them directly, and what you get with an eNom account, take a look here.

How can WebNameSource do more than this for you?

Here's how:

  1. Register five different domains with us (or transfer them in) at the regular low price (for standard domains, others are higher--see the notes), then go to nameman and set up a free account there with your desired login name and password. OR register three domains at the regular price at nameman (for which you must create an account there). Then contact Us saying which domains you've registered and what your account logon is.
  2. We'll change your basic retail account to a lower price point and push any domains registered by you at WebNameSource into that account. You'll have a full nameman retail account with access to all nameman services and tools and can register and manage all your domains from one login. The only thing you can't do is create subaccounts, as you won't be a reseller yourself (yet).
  3. Later, if you register (or transfer) more domains of any kind with this account to a total of ten, Email Us, and we'll be happy to make your account a reseller account.
  4. While we can no longer offer accounts below that mark without any strings, nameman.net can allow you to "buy down" your price with an advance deposit by you paying ahead (refilling your reseller account) per the current eNom pricing. You then use this money to buy domains until it is gone, but keep the new price permanently.
  5. pssssst (a little secret) Although your account is arranged through nameman, it is really a full-blown eNom account and can be signed onto at either nameman or eNom, though the interface would look a little different. The buy down prices are half what eNom would charge you directly.

Already an reseller for someone else at a higher price? Contact Us us and we'll set you up a reseller account at our best level.

Already an eNom reseller at a higher price? Contact Us us and we'll set you up a reseller account. Push domains into it at our price levels and we'll change your pricing accordingly, right from the start--no fees at all! Then contact eNom and have them transfer your accumulated commissions to your new account.

Hey, do the math. If you are under a thousand domains (and then you deal with eNom directly) we've got a pretty good deal here.

  1. All prices in US$
  2. You pay WebNameSource no up-front money or setup fees at any time. All your moiney goes into registering domains.nameman accounts may take up to 72 hours to set up.
  3. Your wholesale prices on other domains are higher, but here they are among the lowest in the industry. Once you become a wholesale customer, these will not change as you move through our levels.
  4. WARNING: Fraudulent registrations will result in suspension of your account.
  5. You can charge whatever you want retail.

Ready to get started? Fill in This Form or create a nameman account and then Contact Us

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