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You MUST provide valid information when you register:
  • your real name
  • your real address
  • a valid email address
  • the domain name you register cannot be someone else's registered tradename
  • the domain name you ask for must be correctly spelled
  • all other information is complete and accurate

  Obviously incorrect registration information (name: Donald Duck) will result in cancellation of your order if we catch it in the first 3-5 business days, and repossession of the domain if we don't notice it until later.
  You cannot go back and correct the spelling on a domain after you buy it. It's yours. We cannot get a refund from the central registry, so we can't give you one.

If your credit card transaction is refused, and the registration has already gone through
  We will repossess your domain.

What is repossession?
  We take the domain over so you can't use it. If you correct the credit card and/or other info in a reasonable time, we release it to you. But if you reverse the charge after it has gone through (say, claiming fraud) so we're stuck with the domain, it'll cost you a $200 fine to get it back if you later change your mind.

When you register, you agree not to use the name for an illegal purpose.
  If you do use it to break any laws, we can repossess the name, or, on order of a dispute resolution panel, transfer the domain name to its legitimate owner.

When you register, you agree not to use our eMail forwarding to send spam.
  If you do this anyway, we will either remove your eMail ability or reposess the domain.

Why do you care?
  The Internet runs on a trust basis. The central registry must have reliable and accurate information in order to function properly. Other users of the net must be able to rely on the working information in the registry. If you use the Internet fraudulently (false names, spam, stealing traffic from legitimate sites, etc.) you can't be trusted, and the rest of use don't want you here. Likewise, you will find that if you engage a web host, then use the host to send spam or large numbers of very large files, your hosting will probably be terminated.

What happens if I simply mis-type my eMail address?
  Probably no one will notice. Likewise, we will not notice if you change your eMail address and don't come back here and alter the registration information in our files. However, when it comes time to renew the domain, the reminder message will not get to you. Then, if your domain is not paid for on time, the central registry can delete it, someone else can register it, and the harvest of all the work you've done promoting your site will be reaped by the new owner. In such cases, you will not be able to retrieve the name unless you can prove it is a registered trade name. WebNameSource is not responsible in such cases. It's your fault. Live with it.

What happens if I try to register cpr, coca-cola, or ibm?
  If you register someone else's tradename, they will go through a dispute resolution process and take it away from you. We can NOT refund your money in such a case. You attempted fraud and got caught.

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