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Scam Warning

Some companies selling domain names (including some formerly highly respectable and visible ones) send out mass mailings of letters to all the addresses they can harvest from the domain name database. One recent example is mass mailings by a company calling itself the "Domain Registry of X" where X is variously "Canada" or "America". Such letters are characterized by one or more of the following:
  • it is not from us at Arjay Web Services/WebNameSource/nameman,
  • high pressure sales tactics,
  • a registration price near the high end, but claiming to be discounted (usually $29/y),
  • a claim that your domain is about to expire (CHECK IT! They may be right about this),
  • pressure to transfer your domain to them,
  • scare tactics,
  • an offer of free domain management tools,
  • a link for you to click on to "renew" your domain (it will actually transfer it as well),
  • a claim that someone has tried to register a domain similar to yours.
Don't panic, and don't get sucked in
  • Any legitimate message from us will have "Arjay Web Services" "WebNameSource" and/or "nameman" in the return address. We would be glad to confirm our messages if you ask. Messages from anybody else were sent to you without our knowledge.
  • Using the name database this way is unethical and is forbidden by the terms of use all registrars agree to,
  • The higher the pressure to act at once the more likely it is to be a scam,
  • Anything that sounds too good to be true, is,
  • If you want to transfer your domain elsewhere, go ahead, but the best time is NOT in the last month before you have to renew it, because transfers are sometimes very slow (we usually take just a few days to transfer in or out but sometimes...), [see below on what you need to do to transfer out]
  • I've heard of cases where registrars refused to transfer a domain out.
  • Domain registration is instantaneous. There is no way you can get a letter about someone trying to register a name like yours before they actually do it. A large company was recently fined several hundred thousand dollars for this fraudulent practice.
  • If someone does try to take your registered trademark, complain to the registrar. You can get it back. But if you register johnsmith.net and someone else later registers johnsmith.ws, tough. If it was that important, you should have registered both to begin with.
  • On the other hand, if you try to transfer to us, and you get a letter from your existing registrar saying we are associated with fraud, they're just trying to keep you with scare tactics. Compare services and prices. You can't beat our combination. We've got lots of satisfied customers with the WebNameSource tools, and also with the premium tools at nameman.
Here's what WebNameSource and nameman do:
  • WebNameSource and nameman respect the privacy of others' customers and does not solicit them.
  • WebNameSource and nameman do not pressure you to buy from us. If you like it elsewhere, go there, and God bless you.
  • WebNameSource and nameman can transfer in as fast as your old registrar will release the domain.
  • For your protection, WebNameSource and nameman "lock" all domains to prevent them from being transferred away through a scam like these. If you want to transfer away, let us know. We will check to make sure the mail is legitimate, and if so, will immediately hoour your request to unlock the domain and so allow the transfer.
  • The only time WebNameSource or nameman refuse to transfer a domain out is in the first thirty days when you might still try to reverse your credit card charge, when it is close to expiry and there may not be time to transfer it, or when you have let it expire and owe us money.
  • WebNameSource and nameman both already offer a much more discounted rate than the pressure salespeople do.
  • The WebNameSource and nameman domain management tools are hosted by one of the largest registrars in the industry and are consistently rated among the very best.
  • WebNameSource and nameman don't just rely on automated tools. If you can't figure out how to set up you DNS record, email us and tell us what you want, and we'll set it up for you within three days (usually within minutes of getting your message, but...
  • While WebNameSource and nameman will try to send an email reminding you when your domain needs to be renewed, you should not rely on this. Write down your expiry date and come back to our management centre well ahead of time to add another year or two. Better safe than sorry
  • Finally, we've been around the Internet since the 1970s (before it was even called that). You got a problem, our tracks are everywhere, so you can find us pretty easily, and our reputation is at stake if we don't fix it within three days.
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