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How does the domain system work?

The answer requires a page of its own, located here.

Is my registration safe?
  • WebNameSource uses an independent, secure credit card processor.
  • While the registrations system requires that registrant information for each domain be in the public Whois database, WebNameSource and nameman give out no personal information to anyone, ever.
  • Your domain cannot be transferred away without your permission. Keep an active email address on the domain, though. This is the only way you can be notified about renewals.
  • Even if WebNameSource were to cease operating, your domain registration will be held by the registrar from whom we contract to sell wholesale domains. They have over a million domains registered and are one of the largest and most secure in the business.
How do I transfer a .org name?
  • .org transfers (and those of some other registries such as .us) use the EPP transfer system, which requires you know your domain authorization code, a 6- to 16-character code assigned by the registrar. This code is basically a password for the domain, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can make transfers.
  • If you do not know your authorization code (and for older domains registered under the previous system you would not), you can obtain it from your registrar.
  • If your registrar responds to your request with "Huh? I don't understand" (as some do) tell them as follows (cut and paste this into an email message): "According to PIR, the official .org registry, sponsoring registrars can obtain the domain authorization code for their sponsored domains by sending an EPP <DOMAIN_INFO> command to the registry. Registrars are only able to obtain authorization codes for the domain names they sponsor. PIR does not give out authorization codes to registrants, but the registrar is contractually required to provide the code upon the request by the registrant."
  • After you transfer the domain to us, you are advised to change your authorization code using your domain management tools
How do I manage my .com, .net, etc domain?
  1. Click on the manage button.
  2. Enter your domain name in the form mydomain.com
  3. Enter the password you assigned when you bought it
  4. You will see a screen with several numbered boxes headed "Hostname--AddressRecord--Type--MX Pref"
I have a free web site. How do I make my new domain name to point to it?

     You need to use domain forwarding, either with or without frames.

How do I do domain forwarding?
  1. Go to the management screen as above
  2. In the one whose hostname is www enter the complete address of your actual website, say http://www.joesfreepages/~users/betsy
  3. Repeat this for the one whose hostname is @ to also forward when people omit the "www"
  4. Change the record type for both from A (Address) to URL Redirect (i.e. you are replacing the www and @ records, not adding new ones)
  5. The MX box can be left alone
  6. Now if someone types www.yourdomainname, the real site will appear
How do I do domain forwarding with frames?

     As above, but choose URL Frame instead of URL Redirect.

What is the difference between the two?
  1. With domain forwarding, the user's browser query is redirected to your real site, and that's the name they see in the navigation box. You can give either the free site name or your domain name to a search engine to find your site.
  2. With frame forwarding, the real site is displayed below a navigation box with your domain name in it, not the name of the free site. This looks better on first glance.
    BUT, in this case, WebNameSource is actually storing a tiny web site whose only purpose is to do this. It does not have your site info, it only finds and displays it. So, you must give the real site info (NOT that of your domain name) to a search engine, or it will think there's almost nothing on the page and your page data will not get indexed or found.
How do I create a subdomain like goodstuff.mydomain.com?

     In addition to the domain forward above, set up the folder in your real web site that you want this subdomain to point to, then use its full URL as the address in a record whose name is "goodstuff.mydomain.com." (with the period at the end) and whose type is CNAME.

How do I do eMail forwarding to an existing eMail account?
  1. Scroll down the page to the email section.
  2. The username to be forwarded goes in the first box. "joe"
  3. The existing email account to forward it to goes in the last box. "joe_doaks@aol.com"
  4. Now mail to "joe@mydomain.com" goes to the specified address.
  5. Add more forwards to for other users if you want.
  6. If you want all messages sent to the domain, no matter who the addressee is to go to you, use an asterisk * as the user. This is a wildcard.
  7. You can do both. In this case, all messages other than to the already specified users will be forwarded to the wildcard address.
Can WebNameSource supply me with a POP mail box for my new domain?

     Yes, but it costs $14.95 per year (non-refundable) per mailbox for this service. Send an eMail for details.

Why does ArjayWeb have two domain name sites?

     WebNameSource offers the lowest price for registrants having just a few domains, while nameman offers additional management features, such as name-my-phone, name-my-map, multiple domain management, and the ability to build a fast, 10-page website on your domain--all for another couple of bucks. Nameman also offers Wholesale accounts for multiple domain registrants. Both give you complete control of your DNS.

Can you supply me with SMTP to send mail?

     Not at webNameSource, no. You need to do this through your ISP, or by signing up for a paid website at our sister company WebNameHost (or someone else's hosting company.) At WebNameHost you can have as many mailboxes for sending and receiving as you want for no charge beyond the annual hosting fee.

Why is there advertising on my new site?

     After your site is registered, it has to point somewhere. The default is to the registrar from whom we contract to wholesale domains. They include advertising on their default site. If you don't like this, we can point your site to parking.webnamehost.com, which mentions only our two companies. Once you build your own site, you can use our management tools to point your domain there.

None of the above applies. How do I make my domain name go to my paid site?

     You need to change nameservers to let your host handle domain requests.

How do I change nameservers from WebNameSource's to my host's?
  1. Obtain the NAMES of those nameservers from your host. (For our sister company WebNameHost, they are ns3.webnamehost.net and ns4.webnamehost.net Yours should resemble these.)
  2. Click on the link "Nameservers" near the top of the page
  3. On the new screen, select from Use: "Your own name Servers"
  4. Enter the names your host gave you, one to a line.
  5. Now your host's DNS will route all web requests and handle all mail, including forwards. Talk to them about subdomains if you need them.
I'm a hopeless technophobe and can't understand a word of this. HELP!

     Put in a ticket at our Help Desk telling us what you want. We'll set it up for you at no extra charge.

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