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Information about eNom

eNom is the fastest growing ICANN registrar in the business with well over a million domains registered and many more being added daily. The company is run as a multi-level marketing operation.

Here's how eNom's system normally works (but read on to see what WebNameSource and nameman can do for you): eNom offers three levels to buy in:

  1. Basic Package - $8.95 domain cost which requires $495 initially, credited toward 55 domain names. Thereafter you can credit your account as needed to purchase additional names at $8.95 each. Go back to the WebnameSource Wholesale Page to see how to do this with no up front charges.
  2. Volume Package - $7.95 requiring an initial account credit of $3975. You can then register 500 names at $7.95 each and carry on at that level.Go back to the WebnameSource Wholesale Page to see how to do better than this with no up front charges.
  3. Premier Package - $6.95 requiring an initial account credit of $6950 (for 1000 domains). Talk to eNom directly if this is what you want; there is no lower price.

In all three cases, once you spend your initial credit, you top up using a credit card ($100 minimum at a time) or send them cheques or money orders to go on registering.

What do you get with a retail eNom account through nameman?

  1. Convenience: From one account and signon you can manage any or all your domains, changing contact information, redirecting the domain, etc. Perfect for the person with several domains, or for a webhosting company.
  2. Tools:Whois for eNom domains, domain searching tool, domain manager, name-my-phone, name-my-map, simple web site builder.
  3. Access to information: You can check on past orders, transfeers, and charges for any or all your domains in one place. You can see at a glance which ones are expiring soon.
  4. Shopping Cart: Instead of buying one domain at a time, add the ones you want to a shopping cart and check them all out at once. Your personal info is stored for you so you need not enter any new information at checkout time.
  5. Pay for each order by credit card.

What do you get with a reseller eNom account through nameman?

  1. Ability to resell: You can set up your own company in competition with eNom, nameman, and WebNameSource
  2. Create subaccounts: You can have retail and resell subaccounts of your own contributing to your bottom line.
  3. Commission Subaccount: Earned commissions pile up and are available after a 90 day credit card hold period. You can withdraw your money in cash or transfer it into the account you use for buying your own domains.
  4. Fill your account: by credit card (min $100 less 3%) or by cheque or money order. You can register domains as long as there are funds in your account.
  5. Rewards: Sell enough domains and get lower prices still.

We're not the only eNom reseller; there are lots. Some will give you eNom subaccounts, but to get their best available price you'll normally pay an up-front fee of up to $30 (not credited toward domains). But WebNameSource and nameman can place you into either of the first two lower-priced eNom levels with no up-front charge. Go back to the WebnameSource Wholesale Page to see how..

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