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Recovering an Expired Domain

O.K. so you were away on a business trip, you had the wrong email on your domain, you slept through the month and you either didn't get or didn't read or forgot to respond to our renewal notices for myforgottendomain.info so your domain expired. Worse still your only email address is you.AT.myforgottendomain.info so you can send us email to tell us about the problem but can't get anything back from us because our emails bounce back to us now that your domain no longer works.

Help! What do you do?

A. Here are some ways to contact us even if your email is unreachable:

  • Use the form on this site to send us a different email address where we can contact you;
  • Use our forum. Set up an identity there and post a PM (private message) then come back the next day to read our reply;
  • Use our help desk. Enter a trouble ticket than check back the next day for an answer.

B. Here are the instructions we would send you anyway:

  • If you have a nameman account, use it to log on and renew the domain.
  • If you registered it here through WebNameSource, you would ordinarily hit the logon/manage/renew button on the left, log in to your domain using the domain name and the password you entered when you registered and renew from there. However, after expiry, this does not usually work as the registry considers this an attempt to modify the domain.
  • So, if you have forgotten the password and/or neither of the above works (mechanics for expired domains vary) then I will have to renew the domain for you by hand. In that case:
    - go to WebNameHost.com
    - go to the Kagi payment centre
    - add two dollars and round up the renewal cost (i.e. $12 for a standard domain)
    - put this number in the "other" box"
    - explain what this is all about in the text box
    - complete the transaction
    - after the amount goes through and is verified, I will renew the domain for you by hand

NOTE 1: There is a grace period of about one month in which the expired domain can be recovered. After than anyone can register it, and someone probably will. Once this happens, unless the name is a trademark you cannot get it back, and there is nothing we can do. Sorry, it's your own fault.

NOTE 2: After you do recover the domain, make sure the address on it is one you can receive mail at even if the domain expires.

NOTE 3: Under no circumstances can domains be purchased or renewed on credit. The entire domain business is cash-in-hand only. This applies to us as well as to you.

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